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last update: 16th Jan 2020

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Limited File Format Support

Wave Repair only works with 16-bit stereo WAV files, at either 44.1kHz or 48kHz sample rate. No other formats are supported. Some users have asked about other formats, but there are no immediate plans to add them:
  • Wave Repair was first written when 24-bit/96kHz was unavailable to the general consumer, and was structured to operate very efficiently on 16-bit files. To support 24-bit would require extensive re-writing. Since 16-bit is more than adequate to capture the signal from even the finest vinyl replay system, I see no reason to embark on such a re-write at this stage.

  • Wave Repair is a tool to help restore vinyl records. This is best achieved in raw WAV format. Once the restoration is complete, audio format CDs should be written from the WAV files; MP3 has no part to play in this process. Of course, you may wish to encode the final results into MP3, but since I have little personal interest in it, I have not included facilities to interface with MP3 encoders.