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last update: 16th Jan 2020

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Change Registered Email Address

If you change your email address, you can keep my records up to date by filling in this form. (Of course you don't have to inform me of your new email address, but if you ever lose your unlock key and need it sent to you, I will need a valid current email address for you).

For security reasons (so that random people can't guess email addresses and cause mischief), you will need to supply your unlock ID or KEY as well as your currently registered email address. The difference between your unlock ID (usually based on your name) and KEY (a string of digits) has caused confusion for some users, so the form now accepts either.

If you don't know your unlock ID, you can find it by invoking Help | About in Wave Repair: the information box that pops up has a line that says "registered to: xxxx", where "xxxx" is your unlock ID.

Unlock ID or KEY:
Existing Registered Email Address:
New Address to be Registered:

If you are unsure about the email address I have registered for you, and after trying this form you are unable to update it, then it will be necessary to email me.