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last update: 16th Jan 2020

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For evaluation purposes, Wave Repair is fully functional for a period of 30 days from the first time any editing is saved. After this period, save functions are disabled. Once the save functions are disabled, you will still be able to experiment with the editing features, but will be unable to save the edits back to hard disk.

Registration costs 30 US dollars and re-enables save capability via an unlock key.

Registered users are entitled to free upgrades: when a new version is released they can just download it and it will work with their existing unlock key.

The recording, track splitting and cue sheet generation facilities are fully functional without any time limit and may be used without the need for registration. Since the 30 day evaluation period for editing does not begin until an edit is saved, these free facilites may be used at leisure without any urgency to try out the editing features until the user is ready to do so.

Payment Method
The only official payment mechanism I now support is PayPal. It is good for you because your unlock key will be emailed to you immediately, so you don't have to wait for me to process the registration. It is good for me because the transaction is handled automatically, so I don't have to process it manually.

However, please note that if you choose to pay using an eCheque rather than from your PayPal account funds, then PayPal will wait until the eCheque has cleared before it notifies my automatic unlock key issuing system. This can take several days. I am happy to send your unlock key straight away, but can only do so when I check my email and see that a pending eCheque payment has been made. If you pay by eCheque and do not receive your unlock key after 24 hours, please email me.

To register Wave Repair using PayPal, click the button below:

If you prefer not to use PayPal, please email me and I'll try to sort out an alternative method.

Please note that I no longer use the ShareIt registration service. The number of payments that came in via that route became so few that it simply was no longer worth the effort of supporting it.